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TP 81



  • Maximum lifting capacity: 2,000 kg.
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.2% of the maximum
  • capacity.
  • Structure in extra thick steel and oven-fi re painted mechanics.
  • Steering wheels and double loading rollers with a polyurethane
  • coating.
  • 4 aluminium shear-beam load cells IP67.
  • Weight indicator with 6 25mm digits on a backlit LCD display, which are clearly visible even in poor lighting conditions, and waterproof keyboard, with 5 functional keys.
  • Power supply through 4 AA batteries, which may also be rechargeable.
  • The operating time is of about 40 hours of continuous use, or one month with the typical non continuous use, thanks to its auto switch-off function.
  • Programmable auto power saving
  • function.
  • Battery level indication.
  • Weight indicator with waterproof keyboard, 5 keys, and protective case in extra thick steel, mounted on a fork and connected to the other fork by means of a cable.
  • LCD backlit display with 6 digits 25mm high, easily visible in any lighting condition.
  • Steel bearing IP65 structure.
  • Functions with 4 shear-beam IP68 load cells.
  • Max. allowable overload: 200% of the nominal capacity.
  • Max. horizontal inclination (flexibility): +/- 2° with the same accuracy characteristics.
  • Power supply through rechargeable battery, the operating time is of about 40 hours of continuous use.
  • Fitted with battery charger.
  • Auto switch-off function.
  • Fitted with infrared remote control.
  • Optional radio module for transmitting data to a PC or a remote repeater.


  • 2,000 kg / 1 kg