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Terms and conditions

Article I / Application
These conditions determine our services and prevail exclusively on all conditions of purchase or on any clauses submitted by a client document, unless express written consent of the company Maréchalle Pesage. The fact of placing an order involves for the buyer full and unconditional acceptance to these terms and conditions. No exceptions to these conditions will not be accepted unless decided otherwise by us.

Article II / Orders 
Orders are not final until they have been confirmed in writing. No change of order can be accepted if it is running. Otherwise, the cancellation of the order by the purchaser will expose him to damages.

Article III / Prices
In the absence of agreements to the contrary, our price list is without VAT, ex work, not including packaging and uninsured. We reserve the right to change prices in case of increase in production costs arising from the delivery of supply and delivery (rising prices of materials, taxes, wages, fluctuations in currency exchange rates). All taxes, fees or other benefits payable under French regulations or those of an importing country or a transit country are to be payed by the customer. All invoices of an amount below 150 € will be charged an extra 10 €, under invoicing costs, this amount may be revalued annually.

Article IV / Delivery - time 
Delivery time is given for information. Any delay can not give rise to damages or cancellation of the order, unless formal commitment resulting from agreement between the parties. Maréchalle Pesage is also released from the obligation of delivery for any fortuitous event or force majeure which would be imposed on it such as administrative restrictions, war, fire, strikes, accidents and the impossibility of being supplied.

Article V / Delivery - transportation
The buyer agrees to receive the equipment delivered or to remove himself or be removed in Maréchalle factory on the date of availability agreed to. The removal should take place within a maximum of 48 hours of the notice of availability. Freight transportation is always the risk of the recipient. In case of failure, damage or delay, it will be up to the recipient to notify the carrier reserves required within 48 hours of receipt of the goods. The assembly is made by the buyer and under his responsibility. Maréchalle Pesage is relieved of all responsibility for the identification, purpose hardware and assembly itself.

Article VI / Payment
Billing will be established once the notice of availability. Net payment of 30 days after provision of equipment. Any delay in payment will be provided on our invoices premiums at 1.5% per month of delay. The return of our bills is due within 48 hours, as stipulated in the Commercial Code. Purchase invoices will be paid to the conditions and time limits when ordering. Spare parts and repair bills will be payable in cash. Any complaints regarding the material does not release the buyer from paying bills when due.
Article VII / Returns
When we accept returned goods, a discount of 15% is applied to the price, and transportation is due by the customer. Moreover, we give a refund only if they reach us in good condition without having been used in a maximum period of 2 weeks and after verification and acceptance by us in our stores.

Article VIII / Guarantees
Our products are guaranteed for one year from date of shipment against defects in workmanship or materials. Our responsibility is limited to the pure and simple replacement of defective parts, without any compensation. All shipping costs still remain at the customer’s charge. The guarantee of non-manufactured parts at the Company is limited to the possible guarantees from suppliers. In any case, the guarantee does not apply to defects whose cause is later from our workshops. Exchanges or transactions made under the guarantee can not in any case have the effect of prolonging it. Our warranty does not extend to defects resulting from wear or repairs necessitated by maintenance or misuse of the equipment or caused by third parties or force majeure.

Article IX / Galvanised products
The handles supporting the knives, as well as some adjustment parts, including those of headgates cannot be galvanized, and so are painted in aluminum color.

Article X / Modifications
In the interest of continuous improvement, the company reserves the right to amend without notice all the technical modifications deemed necessary. Our photos, dimensions and weights are not contractual, they only are an indication.

Article XI / Retention of title 
In accordance with Law No. 80.355 of May 12, 1980, we reserve the ownership of goods delivered until full payment of all owed supplies. The presentation of bills or any other instrument creating an obligation to pay does not constitute payment. Upon delivery, the buyer bears all risks that the goods may run or cause. The buyer must take out an insurance policy covering the risk of loss, destruction, theft, personal injury or other damage including a waiver of recourse against the seller. When it comes to hardware made specifically for the needs of our client, we reserve the possibility to ask for judicial way paying the full price plus damages, waiving any right to this clause retention of title. Finally, the purchaser shall, before full payment, to have the benefit of a third of the goods subject to the order, the sale of another’s property being null and void. However, if the buyer had the goods on behalf of a third party, it is obliged to inform said the existence of the title retention clause, without the third party to invoke Article 2279 of the Civil Code.

Article XII / Duties of jurisdiction
All litigation or disputes even in the event of a warranty or multiple defendants, fall within the competence of the Commercial Court of Saint Quentin (02).