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ID 5000



  • Wifi and Bluetooth wireless connection.
  • Possibility to connect a USB key.
  • Connections USB and RS232.
  • Bluetooth wireless interface up to 100 m.
  • Screen color display in all lighting conditions.
  • Link wirelessly or by cables to other devices such as Electronic ID readers, auto drafters, barcode scanners, PC and smartphone.
  • Calculate daily weight gain.
  • Stores up to 250,000 records in 250 weighing sessions and record up to 3 IDs and 3 pieces of information (breed, sex or other trait) for each animal.
  • Up to 5-way drafting by weight, weight gain and single criteria.
  • Long life battery 13 hours and 5 hours charging time.
  • Water, dust and shock proof IP67 case.
> Verification report, without legal metrology
> Printer